Archives: February 2019

Farewell to a hectic 2018!

This is the final Blog post of 2018 as, like Wise Men following the Star, the roving Highland REEDs near the end of their travels with rest in sight.&...

The road less travelled

It has been an amazing month of employer success here at HRFCA, and we have been travelling hither and thither arranging signings of Armed Forces Cove...

“Look, stranger, on this island now . . .”

It has been a tale of two islands for this Roving REED recently, and the two could not be more different. Firstly to Cyprus, taking employers out...

Pipes, drums, hammers and the NHS at 70

As summer fades and normal weather – rain – returns, we have been serenading the end of the season with the sound of bagpipes. Lots and lots of ba...

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