Case Studies

At 19 years old, Lance Corporal Deanna Green is the youngest Reservist in her Unit, 243 Provost Company 4th Regiment Military Police, which she transferred to eight months ago. Deanna started her Military career with Tayforth UOTC when she began her degree in Policing and Security at Abertay University. She is currently in her second year.

Explaining what the role of the military police is Deanna said: “Basically I try to compare it to the normal police, our authority only covers the military and anyone working on behalf of the military, contractors etc and we police them. We are more focused on the Armed Forces Act so, depending on the severity, we still pass it on to the police. It is almost like a ‘first response’.”

With real time police duties, patrols and event policing at events like the Army vs Navy Rugby ‘Turf War’ at Twickenham at the end of April, the Military Police is all go for Deanna. Later in the year she is also going on a battlefield tour to learn about the history of military policing. Whilst she is firmly focusing on studying for the moment, she has hopes of completing at least one tour of duty when her degree is finished.

When not at University, Deanna works at the Murrayshall Country House Hotel. “Spending so much time outside, I thought I would try something completely different for work so I applied online for my job and was given a ‘working interview’ where I must have impressed them because I was offered the job!”

Deanna was very upfront with her need for time off and it has worked in her favour; she gives notice of training time, events and weekends away and this is factored into the busy hotel rotas.

“The training I have had on the Police Course I have taken into work, especially communication and interpersonal skills. Being able to approach a guest with confidence, no matter what the issue is. Also being part of a close knit team is something I have found very much in the Army, but it is very important to still have a bond in work.”

The Military Police focus on Conflict Resolution as a key part of the role, this transfers over into Deanna’s job within the hotel industry, where customer relations can sometimes become strained.

She said: “I feel capable to handle and turn around situations.”

Speaking to anyone thinking about joining the Reserves Deanna said, “I would encourage anyone who loves the outdoors or who just wants a bit of a challenge to join the Reserves. Just give it a go!”

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