Matthew reappointed Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadet


A Nairnshire Army Cadet has been reappointed as the Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadet of Nairnshire. 

Cadet Sergeant Matthew Johnstone (17), from 1st Battalion the Highlanders’ Nairn Detachment, was reappointed at a ceremony attended by the Lord-Lieutenant of Nairnshire, Mr George Asher.

Every year each area’s respective Lord-Lieutenant appoints young people to serve as their Cadet. These young people are selected from various youth organisations from across the area they cover.

Matthew has been a member of the Army Cadets since August 2014, where he is currently a 4 Star Training cadet on the organisation’s syllabus – the second highest level a cadet can reach in their cadet career. Within the detachment he is cadet instructor, where he teaches the junior cadets from the Cadet Syllabus, as well as being a role model for the cadets.

Sgt Johnstone was appointed as the Lord-Lieutenant’s Cadet of Nairnshire for last year and will continue, for the next twelve months, in assisting the Lord-Lieutenant in his duties as Her Majesty the Queen’s appointed representative of Nairnshire and will continue acting as an ambassador for the ACF and the young people of Nairn.

The ceremony, which took place at the Nairn Detachment Cadet Centre on John Street, was also attended by the Battalion’s Commandant Colonel Iain Cassidy, Moray Company Commander Major Carrie Higgins and members of Sgt Johnstone’s family.

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