Schools dive in to new initiative


HRFCA took the plunge on 13 June and attended the UK launch of the SUBS in Schools programme in partnership with the Royal Navy. 

The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) event took place at the Energy Skills Partnership in Castle Business Park, Stirling, attracting schools and businesses from all over the UK.

Deemed a great success in Australia, SUBS in Schools hopes to give UK students the chance to dive into the world of underwater technology and marine engineering by building and controlling an underwater vehicle.

A pupil gets to grips with piloting the ROV.

After a briefing on what the day had in store, pupils from Kilpatrick School (Clydebank) and St Columba’s RC High School (Dunfermline), along with others, headed outdoors to try their hand at driving a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) underwater. 

Understanding the science behind why things sink or float was imperative to successfully piloting the ROV, with students quickly learning that too much air could end in their vehicle emerging unexpectedly. 

A member of the Royal Navy gives a practical demonstration on buoyancy.

As lead supporter, the Royal Navy sees the UK launch as an opportunity to raise awareness of maritime engineering opportunities for young people.

Rear Admiral John Weale CB OBE, Flag Officer Scotland & Northern Ireland, said: “I am delighted that the Royal Navy is supporting the SUBS in Schools programme and that students in Scottish schools will have this amazing opportunity to develop STEM skills. By working together in small teams, the participants will also gain valuable experience in project management, design, analysis and hands-on manufacturing, as well as valuable workplace skills which will serve them well.

“Scotland has a long and proud history of engineering and STEM. Hopefully, through projects such as this, that connection will continue far into the future.”

The finals of SUBS in Schools UK will take place in Faslane next year. May the best school win!

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