Voluntary role of Public Relations Officer for Angus and Dundee Battalion ACF 

A vacancy has become available for the volunteer role of Public Relations Officer (PRO) of Angus & Dundee Battalion ACF. The PRO role description is as per Section 1.7.9 of the ACF Regulations.

Applicants should apply in writing to the Battalion’s Deputy Commandant Lt Col GM Smith via email at with a current CV no later than Friday 23 Aug 19. Candidates brought forward for interview will be notified by email of the date and time of the interview.

You must be good at explaining ACF operations; speaking with the public and the media; drafting correspondence; editing and designing publications and controlling the Battalion webpage.

Supervise all social media activities including the Battalion Facebook page and the National Website page. Instigate and implement the Commandant’s Battalion PR Strategy and Annual Plan with the aim of building a positive image, reputation and awareness of the ACF, at all levels throughout the Battalion’s footprint and in the wider community, create an effective climate for the recruitment of adult leaders and Cadets. Generate appropriate news releases, feature material and local stories for the media in accordance with MOD and ACF PR guidelines. Arrange for photographic cover of worthwhile ACF activities throughout the Battalion’s area, at all levels.

Advise the Cadet Commandant on the likely media reaction to Battalion decisions and activities, and to advise all adult members of the Battalion on all PR, recruitment, marketing matters and local events.

Establish and maintain a working relationship with: The Senior Press Information Officer (SPIO) at 51 Brigade HQ and the Communications team of HRFCA in order to ensure that all are aware of the ACF matters that are of interest to the media or public interest. Develop and maintain effective relationships between the ACF and its local stakeholders. Assist and advise the Cadet Commandant on all aspects of external communication and marketing of the ACF, the use of PR and the implementation of the ACF national Recruit Marketing plan locally. Develop and improve the effectiveness of the ACF County’s internal communication; including the editing, production and distribution of an internal newsletter.

Attend the relevant ACF National PR Training Team, PR Training Courses and Conferences. Advise the Cadet Commandant on, and provide, ACF PR awareness training for all the adult volunteer members of the ACF County. 


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