Highland Cadet Forces Trust


Highland Cadet Forces Trust (HCFT) is Highland RFCA’s own charity, supporting Ministry of Defence-sponsored cadet organisations throughout the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

The Trust was formed in December 2018 in response to the Board of Highland RFCA’s concerns about ensuring that as many young people and Adult Volunteers of the cadet movement as possible have opportunities to develop leadership and life/social skills.

Its first Chair was Dr J J Morrow MD, the Lord Lyon. It is now chaired by the Earl of Dalhousie.

HCFT’s principal purpose is for the benefit of the public in Scotland or elsewhere to advance education, citizenship and community development, public participation in sport; and the promotion of equality and diversity in the cadet organisations within its area of responsibility.

It aims to achieve this by supporting a wide range of activities related to the education and development of young people, including activities that develop citizenship and leadership, or of Adult Volunteers who work with Ministry of Defence-sponsored cadets, where funding or equipment is not available from Ministry of Defence sources.

This includes supporting participation in music; supporting participation in social activities that develop confidence, team-working and social skills in young people; supporting participation in adventurous activities and sporting activities; supporting volunteering within the community and participation in community events; supporting underprivileged young people or those with disabilities to participate in cadet activities; promoting links between Armed Forces cadet organisations and also between cadet organisations and other youth groups; promoting mutual respect and understanding between between faiths and also those of no faith; and promoting links between the Armed Forces cadet organisations and the Armed Forces themselves, where funding or equipment is not available from Ministry of Defence’s sources.

Examples of the grants that have been made so far are grants for a camp youth hub for Angus & Dundee Battalion Army Cadet Force, support to participation in adventurous training expeditions by cadets from Linked Detachments in areas of social deprivation, and support to purchase new sailing equipment for Sea Cadet detachments.

Funding to support these young people is entirely achieved through applications to support from other grant-making trusts, personal donations, fundraising activities by individuals and units such as Highland RFCA’s Engagement team.

Donations may be made to the Administrator of the Trust, Major (Retired) Tom Kerrigan, Deputy Chief Executive Highland RFCA. Any correspondence for the Trust should also be directed to him at [email protected].

Highland Cadet Forces Trust is registered with the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (SC048004).