Army Engagement Team visits Aberdeen

May 26, 2016

The Army Engagement Team (AET) gave two well-received presentations at the Beach Ballroom in Aberdeen on 24 May. 

Over 100 guests attended, hosted by officer cadets of AUOTC and regulars and reservists from Army Reserve units including 7 SCOTS and the SNIY, plus 51 Infantry Brigade and Recruiting Group.

The AET was led by Col Stephen Cartwright (late RRS, pictured), introduced by 51’s Assistant Brigade Commander Col Stephanie Jackman (late RLC) who also provided local perspective on the Army in Scotland.

Both events were highly successful, with wide-ranging Q&A sessions and an opportunity for HRFCA to discuss the benefits of reserve service to the individual and their employer, the Cadet Experience and possible HRFCA membership with a number of attendees.

HRFCA was also able to put employers considering employing service leavers into contact with the Career Transition Partnership.

The AET was in Livingston the following evening, supported by Lowland Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Association.