Shetland Cadets visit frigate

June 23, 2016

Army Cadets from Shetland – along with Sea Scouts and members of the Army Reserve – were invited aboard Royal Navy Type 23 frigate HMS Somerset. 

The ship was berthed at Holmsgarth terminal for a weekend visit before deploying on exercise to the waters off Norway. This was the Cadet’s second visit on a Royal Navy ship in a month, having visited HMS Bulwark in Orkney in May.

The latest visit on 18 June saw the Cadets shown around the bridge and areas below deck including the control room. They were most impressed with the ship’s weaponry which includes Sea Wolf and Harpoon missiles, a 4.5 inch gun and a 30mm cannon as well as an array of machine guns. The highlight of the trip was a visit to the hanger and an opportunity to get inside the ship’s Merlin helicopter.

The guide for the day was Sub-Lieutenant Hetherington, a newly-commissioned Warfare Officer who conducted a very informative visit of the ship, answering the numerous questions from the Cadets. At the conclusion of the visit Sub-Lieutenant Hetherington kindly presented the Cadets with a ship’s plaque.

Shetland Independent Cadet Battery ACF meets at Fort Charlotte every Tuesday and Thursday from 6.45pm to 8.45pm. Anyone aged between 12 and 18 is eligible to join and welcome to visit. To find out more go to

Main image: The Cadets being briefed on the 4.5 inch gun.


Sub-Lieutenant Hetherington showed the Cadets around the ship and briefed them on the Merlin helicopter.


SMI Bryant receives a ship’s plaque from Sub-Lieutenant Hetherington.


The Cadets at the stern of HMS Somerset.


The Cadets on the quayside at Holmsgarth terminal, Shetland.


HMS Somerset.