Awards night

July 3, 2016

The Kirkcaldy Detachment of The Black Watch Battalion ACF held a presentation evening with promotions and special awards given out. 

Commandant Col JMK Erskine & HQ Staff from the BW Battalion ACF were in attendance with family and friends of the Cadets.

Many Cadets received promotions ranging from LCpl to Sgt. These were presented by the Lord Lieutenant of Fife, Robert Balfour. Other Special Awards were given to three of the Adult Volunteers and The BW Battalion Cadet RSM.

Captain Tony Robb received a third bar for 30+ years of service; Cadet RSM William Rea (18) received a Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet Fife certificate; AUO Jamie Kirkland received the Meritorious Service award; and Major Susan Truscott received both the Meritorious Award and a Special Duke of Edinburgh Award.

The awards were presented on 13 June.


RSM William Rea with the Lord Lieutenant of Fife.

RSM William Rea with the Lord Lieutenant of Fife.

Recipients with Lord Lieutenant of Fife

From left: Captain Tony Robb, RSM William Rea, the Lord Lieutenant of Fife, AUO Jamie Kirkland and Major Susan Truscott.