Altcar Challenge 2018

April 5, 2018

Are you a Reservist looking for a ‘Challenge’ and some additional excitement in 2018? 

Then look no further . . .

The United Kingdom Reserve Forces Association (UKRFA), in partnership with Headquarters North West (HQ NW), will deliver an ‘International Tri-Service Military Skills Competition’ to be held at ALTCAR Training Camp between 7 Sep 18 and 9 Sep 18 and, following a long tradition, this exciting competition will be aptly named ‘ALTCAR CHALLENGE 2018’.

Due to the historical popularity of this challenging event, limitations of time and available accommodation space, the competition is this year constrained to 35 (4 person) participating junior teams, with 10 of these junior teams also being drawn from the Tri-Service International Reserve community.

For more details and to find out how to take part, click HERE.

  • The UKRFA promotes the efficiency of the reserve forces by providing opportunities for education, personal development and international experiences.