Annual Awards for Shetland Cadets

March 14, 2023

Shetland’s Army Cadets paraded at Fort Charlotte on February 28 for the annual presentation of trophies for achievement in 2022.

This was combined with a parents, guardians and family night giving cadets the opportunity of demonstrating skills learned. Captain Cheryl Haynes, Battery Commander of Orkney & Shetland Battery, took the parade and awarded the trophies.

There were three shooting trophies awarded. Cadet Ruth Miculaiciuc won for Best Air Rifle Shot, Cadet Evie Leslie for Best .22 Rifle Shot and Lance Bombardier Vaila Thompson for Best Full-bore Rifle Shot with the 5.56mm cadet general purpose rifle. 

Bombardier Scott Aitken was awarded the Best Attendance trophy, the second year in a row he has been presented with the award. Scott joined cadets at Brae Detachment as a 12-year-old in 2017 and has been a regular attendee at both Brae and Lerwick Detachment training nights since joining. The day after the parade was Scott’s 18th birthday that meant he aged out; cadets are aged 12-18. During his time with cadets, Scott took the opportunity to attend as many training weekends and camps as he could and, last year, was appointed as Lord-Lieutenants’ Cadet for Shetland. As part of his duties, he attended the King’s Proclamation and Remembrance Parade alongside Lord-Lieutenant Bobby Hunter. Scott was presented a Lovat Scouts plaque as a souvenir.

This year’s Most Improved Cadet was Cadet Kira Irvine who has overcome shyness to become a much more confident young person proving she is a more than capable cadet. The trophy for Best Cadet 2022 went to Bombardier Danni Crehan who has had an outstanding year at Lerwick Detachment and on camps. Danni sets herself high standards which she maintains and is highly regarded by all the adult instructors and cadets. She was also able to represent 1st Battalion The Highlanders at a senior cadet conference at the Army Cadet Force National Training Centre Frimley Park where, as the youngest participant, she received high praise from senior officers for her mature and considered contributions to debate. 

Captain Cheryl Haynes said: “It’s been a difficult year with some continued restrictions due to the pandemic. Additionally, last year saw Army training estates in great demand following the invasion of Ukraine which led to the Battalion booking for Annual Camp being rejected at the last minute. Annual camp was switched to the Dingwall Cadet Training Centre and a new plan drawn up with just two weeks’ notice. Orkney and Shetland cadets were luckier than most as ferry travel could not be altered and they were granted a two-week camp unlike the rest of the Battalion who received a week’s training.

“Cadets were also able to attend various training weekends in Shetland as well as a week-long event in Dingwall which concentrated on shooting. The cadets have had a difficult year but have focused on their training and worked hard for the last year. They, and their parents and guardians, should all feel proud of what they have achieved and what they will no doubt continue to achieve.”

Picture (top of page) shows, from left: Cadet Evie Leslie, Captain Cheryl Haynes, Cadet Kira Irvine, Lance Bombardier Vaila Thompson, Bombardier Danni Crehan, Sergeant Major Kevin Bryant, Bombardier Scott Aitken. Missing from photo Cadet Ruth Miculaiciuc. Picture courtesy of Kev Bryant.

● Shetland’s Army Cadets are part of Orkney & Shetland Battery, 1 Highlanders ACF, and meet on a Tuesday at Fort Charlotte and the Youth Centre, Brae, on a Thursday, both locations 6.45pm to 8.45pm.