Awards and promotions in the Western Isles

January 3, 2019

Western Isles cadets from 1st Battalion the Highlanders had their achievements recognised at the company’s annual awards dinner held at Stornoway Army Reserve Centre. 

The event saw the cadets sit down for a formal dinner served to them by Adult Instructors from Western Isles Company.

The end of the dinner saw Donald Martin, the Lord Lieutenant of the Western Isles, present several awards, promotions and certificates to cadets and adults of the company.

One Star Certificates were presented to Cadet Isla MacKenzie and Cadet Liam Campbell, from Stornoway Detachment, Cadet Aaron Ingram (13), Cadet George Greenstock (14), Cadet Karmiena Smit (14) and Cadet Maddy Kingston-Miles (14), from Back Detachment, and Cadet Aiden Jamieson (14), from West Lewis Detachment. Lance Corporal promotions were also presented to Karmiena, Aidan, Aaron and also Cadet Hannah Mayers (15), from West Lewis Detachment.

Padre Fraser Stewart (63) was awarded a Lord Lieutenant’s Certificate of Meritorious Service for his service to the cadet force as one of the battalion’s padres.

Padre Fraser Stewart (centre) being awarded a Lord Lieutenant’s Certificate of Meritorious Service by the Lord Lieutenant of the Western Isles (left).

Following the conclusion of the awards, a separate presentation was made to the Lord Lieutenant by Cadet Lance Corporal Meranda Kingston-Miles (16), from Back Detachment, who presented a cheque for £3353 which the company raised during this year’s Scottish Poppy Appeal.

LCpl Meranda Kingston-Miles (right) presenting a £3353 cheque for the Scottish Poppy Appeal.