Bo’ness modular hut installation

August 6, 2020
Modular hut

The second of our new modular cadet huts was installed at Bo’ness on 28 July.

The installation follows that of Newport, which took place in February. A third modular installation in Banff will follow this financial year.

The installation of the Bo’ness modular cadet hut.

Installation of the five sections, which are manufactured off site, takes four to eight hours to complete and thereby reduces the time from demolition to occupation from 34 to 8 weeks.

One section of the installation brought to the Bo’ness site.

The modern, energy efficient modular design replaces the old Spooner huts that have passed the point of economical repair.

The installation being moved on site.

The Bo’ness hut is used by Argyll and Sutherland Battalion ACF cadets, and the Newport hut by Angus and Dundee Battalion ACF cadets.