BW cadets swap Perthshire for Bavaria

March 13, 2017

SI Abigail Robertson and CSM Michael Robertson of The Black Watch Battalion ACF’s Korea Company recently took to the ski slopes of Bavaria with other adults and cadets from around the UK. 

Here SI Robertson takes up the story of their adventure to Germany:

“Our trip started at 0700hrs, and 26 hours later we arrived in Bavaria. Rooms allocated, bags unpacked, skis and boots fitted, we were ready for the slopes.

“First day and we could have given Bambi on ice a run for his money. This was our first time on skis and there were a lot of falls throughout our group, some more spectacular than others!

“Each day we went to a different resort. We skied at Balderschwang, Walmendingerhorn, Ofterschwang, Bolsterlang, Fellhorn and Tannheimer Tal.

“At night we were given presentations, ranging from skiing basics to the dangers posed by avalanches. By the end of the week we had achieved a Level 5 Ski Award and, from never having put skis on, we were now confidently skiing down blue and red runs using parallel turns.

“Our instructors Andy and Slinky were amazing, and we both hope to go back next year to do the intermediate ski course!”

SI Abigail Robertson with CSM Michael Robertson.

The group hits the slopes.

CSM Michael Robertson showing off his new-found skills.

The group enjoyed the magnificent Bavarian scenery.

The cadets soon learned that what goes up must come down!