Cadet pipers showcase talents in Switzerland

January 7, 2019

Ten cadets from 1st Battalion the Highlanders’ Pipes & Drums played at the Basel Christmas Tattoo in Switzerland. 

Drum Major Jodie Standen leading the Cadet Force Pipes & Drums during rehearsals.

Adult Pipe Major Kirsty Campbell (39), Cadet Drum Major Jodie Standen (17), Cadet Pipe Major John McLaren (17), Cadet Corporal Jamie Fraser (17), Cadet Corporal Alan Hasson (16), Cadet Corporal Innes Stone (17), Cadet Corporal Catherine MacNeill (17), Cadet Corporal Jake Tonkin (17), Cadet Aaron Brown (15) and Cadet Hannah Murray (16) performed at the three-day Tattoo as part of the thirty-strong Cadet Force Pipes & Drums.

13 Pipers piping, wait that’s not right…

The cadets shared the stage alongside musicians from around the world – as well from the UK – including The Band of the Royal Marines, the Sollentuna choir from Sweden and Deirdre Brennan, a solo singer from the USA who has performed with the Red Hot Chilli Pipers.

This is the third time cadets from the Battalion have performed at the Tattoo. Although there was a busy schedule and lots of rehearsals, the band had plenty of time for sightseeing, including a visit to the Basel Christmas Market for some shopping.

Upon her return to Scotland, Pipe Major Campbell said: “It was a really excellent trip. Everyone worked so hard, which made everything easier. I’d take this band anywhere.”

A quick break to the Christmas market.