Cadet’s actions commended

October 13, 2017

A cadet from 1st Battalion the Highlanders has been commended for going above and beyond the call of duty at the Highland Military Tattoo at Fort George. 

Cadet Corporal Micah-Stephen Campbell (16), from Ardersier Detachment, was selling programmes at the event.

Cpl Campbell, or MS as the cadets call him, attended four of the five performances and, after each evening show, he walked back from Fort George with his cadets from Ardersier to their homes. The programme selling was also attended by cadets from throughout the Battalion’s Moray Company, which MS is part of. On one of the evenings a cadet from Culloden Detachment was helping out. He had made his own way there on public transport, but was not sure how they would get home. Being from Ardersier, Cpl Campbell knew which bus the cadet could take and walked him to the bus stop, staying there to make sure they got on the bus safely.

On the final evening of the Tattoo, while he was selling programs, he was approached by a family asking for assistance for one of their relatives who needed a mobility scooter. Cpl Campbell went to the area where they were kept and unfortunately there were none left. However, he didn’t stop there and decided to go to the visitor centre at the Fort to see if there were any available. They didn’t have any either but they did have a wheelchair which he said he would accept and give to the family. He went one stage further by not only pushing the gentleman the chair was for, he even sat with him for the entire show!

Cpl Campbell was presented with a certificate commending his actions at the recent Moray Company weekend by Moray Company Commander Major Carrie Higgins.

Cpl Campbell receiving his commendation certificate from Major Carrie Higgins, Moray Company Commander.