Intense training for cadets

April 21, 2017

Four Cadet Instructors from 1st Battalion the Highlanders ACF recently returned from an intense nine days of training. 

Sergeant Lani Jones (16) and Sergeant Rhuaridh Jack (16) from Caithness Company and Corporal Jadzia Calder (16) and Corporal Jack Slinger (17) from Moray Company completed their Senior Cadet Instructor Course (SCIC) at Barry Buddon Training Camp near Dundee, giving them further skills to teach fellow cadets.

The course, run by 51 Infantry Brigade & HQ Scotland, saw the four cadets learn alongside others from cadet battalions across Scotland. SCIC teaches leadership and equips participants to teach fellow cadets lessons from the Cadet Training Syllabus.

Lani, Jack, Jadzia and Rhuaridh all completed the Junior Instructor Course at Annual Camp last July at Warcop in Cumbria, which upon completion allows the cadets to teach the junior training cadets at Basic Level and One Star. SCIC builds upon those skills and then allows teaching of the senior cadets as well.

Sgt Jack enjoyed training alongside cadets from across Scotland.

He said: “It gave me the opportunity to meet other cadets of a similar mind and give support and share ideas.”

After the cadets had completed their ‘Teaching Practices’ they completed a short Fieldcraft exercise to test their leadership skills.

The course ended with a final parade and awards, where all four of the Battalion’s cadets passed, adding a further skill to their CV.

After the final parade Sgt Jones said that she would “highly recommend this course to any cadet”. She added: “It was one of the best experiences I’ve had as a cadet and would happily do it all over again.”

Cpl Calder said: “It was a very good but challenging at the same time, however I have learned a lot from this experience. It has also boosted my teamwork skills and confidence. During the course I also made a lot of new friends from other battalions. I do intend to take my new skills back to Forres in order to give the best possible training to cadets.”

Main image (top of page): The cadets took advantage of the good weather to complete their lesson preparation outside. (L-R) Sgt Jack, Cpl Slinger, Cpl Calder and Sgt Jones.

Sgt Jack (left) and Sgt Jones (2nd left), with their with course certificates alongside fellow 1 Highlanders attendees Cpls Slinger and Calder.

Section 2 out on their Fieldcraft package with Sgt Jones (2nd left).

1 Highlander with fellow cadets from Shetland.