Camp success for Highlanders and Orkney

August 17, 2016

1st Battalion the Highlanders ACF and Orkney Independent Cadet Battery hosted their Annual Camp at Warcop Training Area in Cumbria from 16-29 July. 

Cadets from across the Highlands & Islands and Orkney took part in a fortnight of training towards their Army Proficiency Certificate star levels as well as taking part in friendly competitions.

The majority of the two weeks saw the Cadets placed into training cadres where everyone trained towards their next APC award alongside Cadets from the other companies on the same level.

During the evenings there were competitions between each company and Orkney to encourage friendly rivalry. Some of the competitions required skills taught from the syllabus, such as drill & turnout, shooting and fieldcraft, while others were just to encourage some friendly rivalry such as football and cross country.

It was not all training while at camp with all of the cadets having two non-training days where – as part of their cadre programme – they took part in a visit to Eden Camp – a former WW2 German POW Camp in Yorkshire. The second day was dedicated to Adventure Training where everyone – including cadre instructors – got the chance to take part in paintballing, rock climbing, abseiling and clay pigeon shooting.

The battalion also hosted their annual North Highland Cadet Tactical Competition during camp.

Camp concluded with the prize giving, which saw each company win at least one major trophy. The final trophy was the Champion Company Trophy ‘Hector’ which was presented – for the third year running – to Inverness Company, who also won the male football, drill competition and the shooting trophy.

The Inter-Company Trophy was presented to Cadet Company Sergeant Major Andrew Stewart (18) from Inverness Detachment.

He said: “This was my last camp as a Cadet and I was delighted for Inverness’ achievements, I was most honored to march out and collect ‘Hector’ on behalf of the Company. It was a way great was to finish my last camp!”

Inverness Company Commander Major Kevin Reid (48) was proud of his Cadets showing that they are once again the best company in the Battalion.

He said: “Camp 2016 has come and gone so quickly. The final parade saw Inverness Company merited with the prestigious title of ‘Champion Company’ once again. A fantastic achievement from the Cadets with tremendous and tireless backing of the Inverness Company Adults.”