Celebrating Britain’s Reservists

September 8, 2016

Reserves day strapline

You may not realise it, but the person sitting next to you at work could be making a vital contribution to the safety and security of Britain at home and abroad. 

So today, on Reserves Day, we are celebrating that contribution.

The Reserve Forces make up around one sixth of our Armed Forces and are currently supporting operations worldwide, including in Afghanistan, Iraq, UN peacekeeping in Cyprus, as well as global counter-terrorism and counter-piracy operations and defence engagement tasks worldwide.

Today is an opportunity to recognise and celebrate the important part Reservists play in supporting the UK’s defence capability. Reservists have always played – and will continue to play – a key role in our Armed Forces making a valuable contribution to the nation over and above their day jobs.

Reserves Day celebrates all of those who make up the Reserve Forces. As part of that employers are encouraged to invite their Reservist employees to wear their uniform (where possible) in the work place.

So, if the person sitting next to you has suddenly turned up to work in uniform, you may wish to thank them for all their efforts!

Transferable skills

Reservists learn new transferable skills such as leadership, project management and communications which benefit their employers back in the workplace.

This was illustrated to employers who recently joined 7 SCOTS on Exercise Sava Star in Croatia. There they were able to observe first-hand the contribution made by those men and women who give up their spare time to become, as the saying goes, Twice the Citizen.

The Annual Deployment Exercise produced a large among of media coverage and below are links to videos and news articles.

Forces TV videos:




The Courier articles:



Employers and journalists with 7 SCOTS in Croatia.

Employers and journalists with 7 SCOTS in Croatia.

7 SCOTS soldiers attack an 'enemy' position.

7 SCOTS soldiers attack an ‘enemy’ position.