Celebrating Reservists: Robert Semple


It’s Reserves Day tomorrow, the day we celebrate the huge contribution Armed Forces Reservists make towards protecting the nation’s security at home and overseas. 

The first case study in our series focused on the Royal Naval Reserve, and now it’s the turn of the Army Reserve.

In the first of today’s Army Reservist case studies, we’re hearing from Robert Semple (48), a Colour Sergeant with 7 SCOTS.

Colour Sergeant Robert Semple.

Tell us about your career as a Reservist, when and where did it all start, what’s your current role, and what made you want to join up?

My Army career has been with D Company of 7 SCOTS in Dumbarton. I joined in 2002 and I’m now a Colour Sergeant having worked my way up the ranks. I joined for the challenge and adventure, it was an opportunity to learn and better myself.

What’s the best part of being a Reservist?

I enjoy the training and it has kept me fit. Over the years you pick up great transferable skills which help me every day in life. The people you meet and the opportunities are great. But like everything in life: You only get out what you put in!

Robert outside the Olympic Stadium in London in 2012.

Where has your Reservist career taken you?

Poland, Georgia USA, Spain, the Olympic Games (London 2012) and throughout the UK.

Do you have a favourite moment?

I have loads of good memories, but too many to pick just one.

Tell us about your civilian job.

I am the depot manager for an All Terrain Vehicle supplier and cover Argyll and the Isles.

Being a Reservist requires time off work, how does your employer support those demands?

My employer is flexible and helps wherever they can, they are soon to have a Reservist in the family too as their son is joining Glasgow and Strathclyde Universities Officer Training Corps (UOTC).

What skills have you gained as a Reservist that enhance your civilian role?

Probably the best skills are learned about yourself in difficult times. However leadership, event planning, and time management all help in everyday life.

What would you tell a colleague who was interested in becoming a Reservist?

In the past I have recruited colleagues. It was normally the “What did you do at the weekend” conversation and for some they could see the big picture and had a go. I would recommend the Reserve forces to anyone who wants to learn and achieve but you have to work at it. The Army will give you most things, however you need a sense of humour!

To find out more about the Army Reserves, click HERE.

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