Dunbartonshire Chamber in UK first

January 18, 2018

Dunbartonshire Chamber of Commerce has become the first Chamber in the UK to sign the Armed Forces Covenant along with all members of its board and their companies. 

In doing so the Chamber and board members have made a commitment to support the country’s servicemen and women wherever and however they can and to ensure no member of the Armed Forces should suffer any disadvantage as a result of their service.

The 17 January signing – by Chief Executive Damon Scott and board members James Stewart Rennie (Rennie McInnes LLP); Russell Sim (Sim Property Management Ltd); Nick Allan (Nick Allan and Associates Ltd); Erik Archer (Archer Associates); and Philip Briscoe (European Circuits Ltd) – took place at the Chamber’s HQ in Clydebank. The document was co-signed on behalf of the Ministry of Defence (MoD) by Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Sheldrick, the Commanding Officer of 7 SCOTS.

In recognising the value serving personnel, both Regular and Reservists, Veterans and military families contribute to business and the country, the Chamber has pledged to:

  • Promote the fact it is an Armed Forces-friendly organisation.
  • Seek to support the employment of veterans young and old.
  • Strive to support the employment of Service spouses and partners.
  • Seek to support employees who choose to be members of the Reserve Forces, including by accommodating their training and deployment where possible.
  • Endeavour to offer a degree of flexibility in granting leave for Service spouses and partners before, during and after a partner’s deployment.
  • Offer support to local cadet units.
  • Aim to actively participate in Armed Forces Day.

In addition to that, each of the board members’ companies have committed to their own individual pledges.

Chamber Chief Executive Damon Scott said: “We are proud to be the first Chamber and board in the whole of the UK to sign the Armed Forces Covenant.

“The wide variety of skills members of the Armed Forces community bring to a workforce makes them an invaluable asset. By partnering with Defence we are aiming to raise awareness of their value to the business community.”

The Covenant signing was organised by HRFCA.

Regional Employer Engagement Director Ron Macgregor said: “We are delighted the Chamber and board has signed the Covenant. Their involvement will help raise the profile of Regular and Reserve forces across the country, and we very much look forward to working together with them in support of the Armed Forces community.”

To find out how you can get involved with the Armed Forces Covenant contact Ron on 01382 631022 or Michelle McKearnon on 01382 631026.

Chamber Chief Executive Damon Scott with Lt Col Matt Sheldrick.

Russell Sim and Lt Col Matt Sheldrick sign the Covenant.

James Stewart Rennie with Lt Col Matt Sheldrick.

Nick Allan with Lt Col Matt Sheldrick.

Philip Briscoe with Lt Col Matt Sheldrick.

Erik Archer with Lt Col Matt Sheldrick.

Lt Col Matt Sheldrick and Chamber president James Stewart Rennie following the signings.