Employers enjoy visit to HMNB Clyde

March 13, 2024
Employers smile from inside the Admiralty Pilot vessel.

Highland RFCA Regional Employer Engagement Directors Roy McLellan and Ray Watt took three employers to HMNB Clyde (Faslane) to see the work of the Royal Navy at its main presence in Scotland.

The base is home to the core of the Submarine Service, including the nation’s nuclear deterrent, and the new generation of hunter-killer submarines.

In attendance on 23 February were Sharon Colvan of Glenhead Engineering Ltd; Dave Nicholson from CeeD (Centre for Engineering Education & Development); and Alex Jessop of Kongsberg Maritime Ltd.

Glenhead Engineering Ltd and Kongsberg Maritime Ltd have both pledged to support the Armed Forces by signing the Armed Forces Covenant. They also have Defence Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS) Awards, with Glenhead holding Silver and Kongsberg Bronze.

The group was guided round the expansive base by Chief Petty Officer Murray Anderson RN. Highlights included a tour of the £34 million submarine escape, rescue, abandonment and survival (SMERAS) training facility.

SMERAS gives the Navy the capability to carry out essential on-shore training for personnel in vital escape, rescue, abandonment and survival techniques using a unique, controllable training environment. The building houses a simulator in which trainees can experience a range of realistic weather conditions and sea states including wind, rain and storms, so that they can practise in a safe and low-risk environment before they board a real submarine.

Person stepping off a boat.
Dave Nicholson of CeeD disembarking from the Admiralty Pilot.

The guests were also taken onto the Gare Loch in the Admiralty Pilot vessel, where they were able to observe some of the base’s submarine fleet.

The day provided a unique experience for the employers, allowing them behind-the-wire access to one of the UK’s three Royal Navy operating bases and the only one in Scotland. The others are HMNB Devonport and HMNB Portsmouth.

● Main image shows the visitors on board the Admiralty Pilot, from left: Ray Watt, Sharon Colvan, Chief Petty Officer Murray Anderson, Alex Jessop, Roy McLellan, and Dave Nicholson.

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