March 10, 2015

Tayforth University Officer Training Corps (UOTC) recently travelled to Les Deux Alps in the French Alps to conduct a broad spectrum ski expedition, Exercise Alpine Challenge, with the support of a £2,500 grant from Highland RFCA.  For the 32 novices – some three-quarters of the participants – who undertook the Ski Foundation 1 course, this was an exciting and challenging experience, with an initial assessment followed by a day’s instruction on ski technique.  For the more experienced skiers, the Ski Foundation 2 course offered  an opportunity to show their skills in a cross-country ski assessment and to receive a high standard of developmental instruction.  After two demanding days it had become clear that the mantra that ‘this is not a holiday, it’s a British Army Adventure Training exercise!’ was no idle boast, with the inevitable aches and pains adding to the mix of challenge, determination and leadership being tested and assessed.  Overall, Exercise Alpine Challenge was considered a great success by all t hose who took part, and provided the perfect springbouard to the next stage in the development of the Officer Cadets of Tayforth UOTC into fully fledged British Army Skiers.