September 7, 2015

Cadet Colour Sergeant Jade Walton (17), of Elgin Detachment, 1st Battalion The Highlanders, has just returned from Bavaria after completing her Gold Duke of Edinburgh expedition.

The trip was completed over four days and three nights in the Bavarian Alps with Jade enjoying the highs of the beautiful landscape and enduring the lows of listening to the incessant ringing of cow bells!

Jade wrote: “The Bavaria Gold Duke of Edinburgh expedition was such a beneficial experience. The journey began with the longest bus journey I’ve experienced. It involved a coach from Penrith down to Dover, a ferry to Calais and back on the coach to Bavaria. Despite being long it gave everyone a chance to bond.

“When we finally arrived everyone was tired, but no one wanted to sleep because there was so much to see. Our lodge had the most beautiful view. From the windows you could see a mountain called Grünten, which was the peak we scaled for the acclimatisation day. That allowed us to see the ground we were about to venture onto during our expedition.

“Apart from myself, the other members of my group were all from the Air Training Corps. There were two Scottish Cadets, myself and an ATC cadet, Warrant Officer Derry Farmer from Glenrothes. There were also two girls from Yorkshire; Ellie and Joanna. Then there was Will from Wales. Our group bonded really well, and we became good friends – despite the clash of accents.

“Despite the trip being called the Bavarian expedition, it mainly took place in Austria. We were able to plan our own routes, so our group picked some of the tallest peaks to walk. It was difficult, but worth it for the views at the top. The weather was unbelievably hot, especially compared to Scotland, with temperatures topping 30C!

“Overall, the experience was absolutely amazing. The only thing I didn’t like was having to listen to the cow bells for four days straight, non-stop. The noise could drive you insane!

“Despite that I would definitely say to anyone completing the Duke of Edinburgh award to take the opportunity to complete their expedition in Bavaria. It’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen and I can’t wait to return.”

Main image (above) shows Jade, front row third from right, with the other Bavaria expedition Cadets.

Jade (second right) during the expedition.

Jade (second right) during the expedition.

Jade (centre) out completing her exped

Jade (centre) with other expedition members.