Highland Gold Network meets at Knockhill

May 31, 2024
Highland Gold Network members in a meeting room at Knockhill Racing Circuit in Fife.

Highland RFCA’s Highland Gold Network (HGN) met on 16 May to share best practice in advocacy and support for the Armed Forces.

The meeting was held at Knockhill Racing Circuit in Fife with the main topic of the day a vote on adopting a new constitution for the group and the formal election of the Chair and Deputy Chair. These motions passed successfully.

The constitution includes details on a biennial vote to appoint a new Chair and Deputy Chair. It also contains the following mission statement for the group: To be an independent, collective voice of employers that wish to develop and share best practice, to mentor and inspire other employers, being advocates for the Armed Forces Covenant

The Chair is Sharon Faulkner. Sharon is the Head of HR, IT and Organisational Development at Angus Council. Ian Clark from IED Training Solutions is Deputy Chair.

Other topics covered during the meeting included an update from Highland RFCA Regional Employer Engagement Directors Roy McLellan and Ray Watt on the updated revalidation process for the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS) Gold Award.

Highland Gold Network discussion at Knockhill Racing Circuit.

Knockhill Racing Circuit’s Stuart Gray speaks about his organisation’s Highland Gold Network journey.

There were also member updates and a presentation from Knockhill Racing Circuit’s Stuart Gray on his organisation’s Highland Gold Network journey and a forward look at proposed activity at Knockhill in support of the Armed Forces community.

A lunch and activity followed. This was laps of the Knockhill circuit in the capable hands of professional drivers.

The view from inside a racing car at Knockhill Racing Circuit.

Employers enjoying a fast lap at Knockhill.

■ The Highland Gold Network consists of the current 39 Gold Employer Recognition Scheme employers in the Highland RFCA-area of responsibility. The aim of the group is to advocate for Defence people, while sharing best practice and ideas, and to encourage and mentor Bronze and Silver employers to gain Gold status. The group, formed in 2022, meets quarterly in a hybrid format.

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