Highlanders hold national teaching course

May 18, 2021
A composite image of cadets during online training.

Army Cadet Volunteers from the Highlands held a National Course to allow young cadets from across the organisation to progress in their cadet training over lockdown.

Adult Instructors of 1st Battalion the Highlanders conducted a Junior Cadet Instructor Course for 45 cadets. 

The Junior Cadet Instructor Cadre (JCIC) is an integral part of 3 Star training and is designed to teach cadets how to instruct cadets up to 1 Star Training in Drill & Turnout, Military Knowledge, Navigation, Skill at Arms and Fieldcraft. The course, conducted over three weekends via Zoom, saw the cadets learn how to teach their fellow cadets lessons from the Army Proficiency Certificate (APC) Syllabus.

Throughout the course the students were shown how to teach, as well as the many styles of teaching that can benefit the different cadets they may instruct. Over the three weekends the cadets were taught in large groups involving the entire course and smaller syndicates in “breakout rooms” where staff gave them useful hints and tips for them to deliver the best possible lesson back at their respective Counties. As well as receiving the main elements of JCIC, the cadets took part in leadership presentations and talks from various high-profile members of the organisation, including the Army Cadet’s Honorary Colonel Lorraine Kelly who did a welcoming address for the course.

Cadets taking part in online physical training.
The second weekend saw the course take part in a Physical Training led by Sgt Hartland, PTI with Cadet Training Team Scotland.

The overall course was conducted by 1 Highlanders with Demonstration Lessons conducted by adults from the Battalion. However, the course received lots of support from across the organisation with Army Cadet units providing adult staff to give the cadets feedback.

Forty-five cadets from across the UK completed the course, which included 30 from England, 6 from Wales, 7 from Ireland and 1 from Scotland, as well as 1 cadet from the Army Cadet’s overseas detachment in Cyprus.

The course was held in March.