Highlanders on target at Scottish meet

June 12, 2017

Shooters from 1st Battalion the Highlanders ACF have returned home with a haul of trophies from the recent Scottish Cadet Target Rifle Competition. 

Cadet Company Sergeant Major Corran MacKenzie (17), Cadet Colour Sergeant Scott Dawson (17), Cadet Corporal Rhianna Russell (16), Cadet Corporal Euan Stewart (16) and Cadet Lance Corporal Darren Stuart (15) took part in the competition at Barry Buddon.

The day-long competition saw the cadets using the cadet target rifle to compete against cadet Battalions from across Scotland.

The team – despite only having a days’ worth of training prior to the competition – did extremely well by winning every trophy available. The cadets won the Watts Bowl, for the 300m shoot, and the Frankfurt Trophy, for the 500m shoot.

As well as competing against cadets from across Scotland they were also competing against each other for top shot, which went to Cpl Euan Stewart of Inverness Detachment who was the top shot of the competition.

Following the competition Battalion Shooting Officer Lieutenant Richard Thorpe said: “It’s impressive that they dominated the competition, despite only having one training day prior to competing. I am proud that our local young people show commitment to this sport and reap the rewards for their hard work.”

By winning the Scottish Competition the Battalion now qualifies to take part in the Inter-Service Cadet Rifle Meeting, held at Bisley Ranges in Surrey next month, competing against Army, Air and Sea Cadet units from across the UK.

Cpl Stewart receiving his ‘Top Shot’ trophy from 2Lt Craig Halley, 51 Brigade Shooting Officer.