October 13, 2015

A project to modernise the way Army HQs work is currently being implemented under the Army Command Review (ACR). 

The review builds on the Army 2020 concept of modernisation (making the Army fit for the 21st Century) by concentrating on HQs, aiming to make them leaner and more business-like in their decision-making.

The ACR was announced by Gen Sir Nicholas Carter, Chief of the General Staff, at the Army conference in January.

An Army spokesman said: “The ACR will ensure that the command structure and its staff are best placed to meet future challenges in an agile, imaginative and effective manner.”

The changes follow a review of MoD bureaucracy and will be fully implemented by April 2016.

It represents the first time since the creation of the General Staff in 1904 that the Army has sought to make its command structures more professional.


General Sir Nicholas Carter, Chief of the General Staff.