February 26, 2015

A Dundee-based employer had the opportunity to visit Reservists training in Cyprus, as part of an employer engagement event.

Pam Napier, Senior Charge Nurse in the Acute Medical Unit at Ninewells Hospital, NHS Tayside, was one of six employers who travelled to Cyprus to visit 225 Medical Regiment as they took part in a 15 day training exercise in May.

The employers taking part in the event spent two full days with soldiers on- the-ground learning about their military roles, the training they complete and what their latest exercise in Cyprus involved.

Each employer had at least one Reservist participating in the exercise, including one who works for Pam at Ninewells Hospital.

Pam was invited on the visit to learn more about one of her employee’s roles as a Reservist. Major Ian Donald from 153 Medical Squadron, 225 (Scottish) Medical Regiment and is head of the Regimental Clinical Facility there.

Reflecting on her time in Cyprus Pam said: “Ian is one of my Charge Nurses and he is very good at his job. Being able to actually watch him taking control of a complex casualty situation –involving command, control and difficult decision making, makes me realise that I can use him in a more strategic capacity within my Unit”

Major Ron Macgregor, Highlands Regional SaBRE Director, said: “The visit was considered by all participants to have been very successful. I have received excellent feedback about the visit with many commenting that it was a great opportunity to see the standard of training undertaken by their Reservists when they are away from the workplace.

Being there, watching the training adds an extra dimension to the level of understanding and appreciation by employers of the substantial level of transferable skills available to the employer at no cost to them.

Reservists are dedicated and hardworking individuals who give up their spare time to help serve their country. In addition to some specific hardskills, the soft skills and attributes they develop through their military career, such as enhanced leadership, self-confidence and the ability to perform well under pressure, can be hugely beneficial to employers.”