Medics stretched in Dundee

May 26, 2016

Medics were put to the test at Exercise Medical Stretch in Dundee on 21 May. 

This year the annual exercise was run by city-based 225 (Scottish) Medical Regiment. It took place at Magdalen Green and Riverside Park with participants from Dundee University, NHS Tayside, NHS Lanarkshire, the Scottish Ambulance Service and St Andrews University.

Reservists had put on a wide range of activities including a zip line, assault course, paint ball, stretcher run and command tasks. The aim of the exercise was to continue to develop links between 225 Med Regt, 205 Field Hospital, Dundee University, NHS Lanarkshire and the Scottish Scottish Ambulance Service. It also helped attendees understand what the Defence Medical Services do and what benefits the Army Reserve can bring to their organisations.

The event was won by a composite team which included members from Dundee University and NHS Tayside, with a team from NHS Lanarkshire coming second.

Tom McConnachie.

Tom McConnachie.

Tom McConnachie (56), a nursing lecturer at Dundee University and part of the winning team (pictured on stretcher run above), said: “We teach the students that nursing is very much about leadership and what greater opportunity to experience that than here at Exercise Medical Stretch where there is situational awareness teambuilding and leadership exercises in a one-day package.”

Cameron Tisshaw (20), a student at St Andrews University studying International Relations, said: “This has been an excellent experience in leadership activities and teambuilding. It was also a good bonding opportunity with students from other universities as well as a chance to meet Army Reserves.”

Cameron, who is in Tayforth UOTC, hopes to join 225 Med Regt as a Medical Support Officer.

Murray McEwan (32) works for the Scottish Ambulance Service in Edinburgh.

He said: “Medical Stretch exceeded our expectations. We thought it was going to be a lot of lifting and shouting, and it was! But it was evident from the start that there was a lot of transferable skills from the civilian setting to the military and vice versa. It was really well hosted, very enjoyable and provided valuable shared experiences.”

Pam Curtis (26) is a Dundee University 3rd year mental health student.

She said: “This has been really good fun and enjoyable. The soldiers were so friendly and approachable and gave me a brilliant insight into working as a team. The opportunity to practice as a team and being a leader was invaluable – it was so great that I am seriously considering joining 225 Med Regt.”

Morvan Kyle (31) is a 2nd year adult nurse student at Dundee.

She said: “It has been challenging but fun at the same time. I appreciated the leadership experience and the lunch was delicious. From what I have discovered about military medics, the Reservists are amazing people – second to none in my eyes.”

VIP visitors to the event included the CO of 225 Med Regt Lt Col Helen Smyth, the CO of 205 Field Hospital Col Helen Singh, and HRFCA Chief Executive Brig Mark Dodson.

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Pam Curtis (right).

Pam Curtis (right).

Morvan Kyle (No.5).

Morvan Kyle (No.5).