November 2, 2015

A pair of 1st Battalion the Highlanders ACF Cadets have successfully completed the prestigious Master Cadet Course. 

Cadet Sergeant Major Grigor Forbes (17), from Nairn Detachment, and Cadet Colour Sergeant Jade Walton (17), from Elgin Detachment, achieved the honour at the Cadet Training Centre in Frimley Park, Surrey.

CSgt Walton said: “It was the most beneficial course I’ve completed in my Cadet career. It improved my leadership skills and I’m glad I attended.”

At the start of the week both Jade and Grigor were split up into groups where they knew no one and were tasked to do a log run followed by an obstacle course.

“We didn’t know each other’s
strengths and weaknesses”

Jade said: “This was challenging as we didn’t know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and it was also physically demanding. We managed to complete it by working together as a team.”

The next day the Cadets did different command tasks, which saw each of them alternating leadership roles for tasks the groups faced. Each task involved problem-solving and the role of the leader was to ensure everything was done correctly. The middle of the week saw the Cadets go out to complete a field exercise in which each person had the chance to take control of a section attack.

On the final evening they took part in a formal mess dinner.

Jade said: “Being one of few females on the course I was escorted to dinner by the Commandant of Frimley Park. It was an enjoyable night and gave us the opportunity to experience a mature dinner with proper etiquette.”

Established in 1989, the aim of the Master Cadet Course is to broaden and develop further the leadership, instructional and administrative responsibilities of four-star Cadets, with the intention of making better use of their abilities. It also encourages the retention of senior Cadets by giving them something to strive for beyond four-star.

SM Grigor Forbes (front left)

Cadet Sergeant Major Grigor Forbes (front left).

CSgt Jade Walton (3rd left)

Cadet Colour Sergeant Jade Walton (third from right).