Murrayfield success for HRFCA

April 28, 2017

HRFCA attended the 2017 Scottish Employment Fair at BT Murrayfield, highlighting to employers the benefits brought to their workforce by ex-regulars, reservists and cadet adult volunteers. 

The 27 April event was organised by the Career Transition Partnership events team and the Regional Settlement Centre, Rosyth.

HRFCA joined over 70 commercial and public sector organisations at the fair, all of whom were there because they recognise the skills and qualities of those leaving the Armed Forces and were keen to meet and talk to them.

The event provided employers and Service leavers alike the opportunity to discuss opportunities, focus job-searching and consider a range of alternative careers. HRFCA also had the opportunity to encourage Service leavers to consider the option of Reserve service and supporting the Service Cadet organisations.

Service leavers from a wide variety of backgrounds, including intelligence specialists, musicians, infanteers, communicators and engineers, and from all three Services and across the rank range, expressed an interest in pursuing either Reserve or cadet service – no arm-twisting was required and the HRFCA team left with a number of leads to follow up. Mission accomplished!