New flight simulator takes off

February 28, 2022

Robert Gordon’s College Combined Cadet Force (CCF) is delighted with their new flight simulator in Aberdeen.

Staff and cadets of Robert Gordon’s College CCF are delighted that their new flight simulator equipment is now operational at Schoolhill. The different available programs will allow cadets to gain valuable experience of simulated flight while at the controls of a variety of aircraft. These include light aircraft very similar to the Grob Tutor which will be flown by Royal Air Force Section cadets at Leuchars Station when Air Experience Flying resumes in the very near future after a break of two years.

In addition to honing their skills on the simulator itself, the equipment will greatly enhance time in the air at Leuchars as the cadets will have a far greater understanding of what to expect and what is happening at all stages of the flight.

A cadet from Robert Gordon’s College CCF trying out the new flight simulator.

Installation of the flight simulator was initially delayed due to COVID-19 restrictions, meaning that one-on-one instruction in a small space has not been possible. However, the cadets are now making the most of the new opportunities.

A CCF cadet learning with the flight simulator.

The Contingent Commander of Robert Gordon’s College CCF, Wing Commander Dan Montgomery, said: “We are extremely grateful to Highland Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Association for the very generous grant which has made this tremendous addition to the cadet experience possible.”

A video of the flight simulator in action.

Robert Gordon’s College is an Armed Forces Covenant signatory and Defence Employer Recognition Scheme Silver Award holder in the Highland RFCA-area.