Promotions and trophies at Shetland

March 23, 2018

Cadets from the Lerwick and Brae Detachments of 1st Battalion the Highlanders ACF held their Annual Awards at the Lerwick Army Reserve Centre in Fort Charlotte. 

The evening was attended by cadets from the Battalion’s Orkney & Shetland Battery, as well as their friends and family. Also in attendance were special guests, including Honorary Colonel John Taylor QGM and one of the former Commandants of Shetland Independent Cadet Battery ACF, Jim Nicolson BEM.

The aim of the evening was to award those cadets who had excelled during the previous year.

The presentation night started with five cadet promotions. Cadets Frankie Ashton (14), Amber Grogan (14), Mae Jamieson (14) and Jake Rendall (15) were all promoted to Cadet Lance Bombardier and Cadet Sergeant Kieran Thomson (16) was promoted to Cadet Staff Sergeant.

Several trophies were also awarded to recognise Shooting, Attendance and other cadet achievements. The Cadet Challenge Shield for Best Cadet was awarded SSgt Thomson and presented by Jim Nicolson. The Commandant’s Shield for Most Improved Cadet was awarded to Cdt Naomi Robertson (13) by John Taylor and the Sergeant Major’s Shield for best attended cadet was awarded to Cdt Jamieson for her dedication and commitment to the detachment.

There were also various categories and trophies awarded for shooting. LBdr Jake Rendall was awarded the Top Air Rifle shot, Cdt Ian Peterson (13) was awarded Top .22 Shot and LBdr Amber Grogan was named the Top Full Bore Shot.

After the awards ceremony, guests and parents joined the cadets for refreshments. The cadets also ran a series of stands to demonstrate the types of training activities they undertake at the detachment. The stands included Skill at Arms, First Aid and Navigation.