Report celebrates impact of cadet forces

June 27, 2023

An independent report celebrating the positive impact of cadet forces will soon be updated to include an annexe specific to the cadet forces in Scotland.

The UK currently has around 130,000 cadets and almost 30,000 adult volunteers supporting them.

The four-year study conducted by the University of Northampton found participation in the cadet programmes led to greatly improved communication and leadership skills.

Personal resilience, confidence and an ability to work effectively with a diverse range of people were also recognised as attributes of cadets and adult volunteers. 

Report author Professor Simon Denny, Institute for Social Innovation and Impact, the University of Northampton said: “Our research has concluded that the cadet forces provide structured challenge, discipline, training, education and, importantly, fun. Cadets and their adult volunteer instructors gain new skills and qualifications which increase their education and employment opportunities. 

“The positive impacts on social mobility are, frankly, amazing. The cadet forces represent a very good use of taxpayers’ money.”

To read the University of Northampton’s full report, entitled ‘What is the social impact and return on investment resulting from expenditure on the Cadet Forces in the UK?’ click HERE.

◼︎ We will post a link to the updated report as soon as it becomes available.