Report demonstrates value of Cadet Forces in Scotland

July 20, 2023
Purple cover page of the Denny Scottish Cadet Forces report with three images of cadets

Exciting new research has been published that demonstrates the positive effect that the Cadet organisations have on young people and on Scotland.  

“Cadets is a fantastic experience, resulting in a massive sense of belonging. You get the chance to make friends, travel to lots of new places and gain free qualifications.”

Army Cadet Force Cadet, Aberdeenshire

Building on his UK-wide report of 2021, Professor Simon Denny at the University of Northampton was commissioned by the two Scottish Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Associations to evaluate the impact of the Cadet Forces in Scotland on the Cadets and Cadet Force Adult Volunteers.

For over 10,000 people, these impacts range from more positive outcomes in education to health and wellbeing and from employability to lifetime earning potential. Not to mention the benefits to the Scottish Government through facilitating the achievement of their policy objectives such as the Attainment Challenge.

For those involved in the Cadets, the findings of this report will contain few surprises. For those new to the Cadet organisations, the report provides ample evidence as to the value of the Cadet Forces in Scotland. 

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