Ron’s Meritorious Service recognised

June 7, 2017

HRFCA’s Regional Employer Engagement Director Ron Macgregor has received a Certificate for Meritorious Service from the Lord-Lieutenant of Angus, Mrs Georgiana Osborne. 

Ron – who served as a Major in the Territorial Army with the Royal Engineers – has been employed as the association’s SaBRE Campaign Director, latterly retitled as REED, since August 2000.

He has specific responsibility for establishing enduring relationships between employers and the MoD, in order to promote the benefits, in terms of transferable skills, brought by Reservists and Cadet Force Adult Volunteers to their civilian workforce.

The role demands a comprehensive understanding of the commercial and public sectors, of the challenges and rewards of Volunteer Reserve service and of wider defence issues.

Ron possesses the ideal combination of personal and professional attributes to enable him to successfully deliver support to, and in turn gain the support of employers. Over the years he has organised countless events. These range from Unit open evenings, through employer visits to operational training exercises, to the organisation of a succession of Executive Stretch – many of which were held at Barry Buddon – and Medical Stretch exercises.

He has also pursued new signatories of the Armed Forces Covenant and been an effective advocate of the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme. In 2016 he was instrumental in Dundee City Council becoming one of the first recipients in Scotland of the scheme’s Gold Award.

Ron has made a unique contribution, over many years, to employers’ understanding of the abilities and skills of reservists and adult volunteers. His energy and enthusiasm for the job are genuinely remarkable, and remain undiminished as he moves into his seventy-second year.

The award, presented at the Lord-Lieutenant’s residence near Guthrie on 30 May, was made in recognition of all his efforts and achievements.