October 29, 2015

A ‘Reserve Experience’ event in Glasgow today saw 170 people descending on the iconic Teacher Building to sample a taste of life in the Armed Forces Reserves.

Employers represented included the Department for Work and Pensions, HM Revenue and Customs, the Department for International Development and the NHS.

The event was intended to provide participants with ‘a light-hearted taste of life in the Armed Forces Reserves’ and a sample of its personal development training in transferrable skills such as leadership and communications – all crammed into 90 minutes.

It offered employers the chance for their staff to gain some personal development and teambuilding for free.

Teams tackled a range of challenges designed to highlight aspects of military training – including the importance of ‘concurrent activity’, which in this case meant responding to a simulated gas attack while making their personal weapons ready to fire at the same time as attempting to complete a simple puzzle – not as simple as it first appeared, but with much fun had by all!

Teams certainly enjoyed the experience, with humour playing a large part in getting the message across.

The event was the second held in Scotland, with the first in Edinburgh earlier in the week.

There was no pressure put on participants to sign up for the Reserves, but Reservists from all three Services were on hand to answer questions and share their stories.

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