Shetland cadets bid farewell to Col Taylor

July 9, 2021
Group of Army cadets.

Army Cadets from Shetland said farewell to Colonel John Taylor QGM as he made final visits to 1st Battalion The Highlander’s Lerwick and Brae detachments at the end of last month. 

Colonel Taylor has now retired from his post as Honorary Colonel after a long and distinguished military career that has seen him in uniform for the past 45 years.

He began his military career with the Royal Observer Corps in 1964 before being accepted for a commission into the regular Army, serving with the Royal Army Ordnance Corps in 1966.

He served for 23 years with a further three years spent with the Territorial Army (now the Army Reserve). In 1995, as Major Taylor, he was appointed Commandant of what was then Shetland Independent Cadet Battery Army Cadet Force, serving in post for 15 years.

For the last 11 years Colonel Taylor has held the appointment of Honorary Colonel for the Army Cadets on Shetland, later becoming one of 1st Battalion The Highlander’s Honorary Colonels when Shetland ACF, along with Orkney ACF, amalgamated to become the Battalion’s 6th unit ‘Orkney & Shetland Battery’.

Colonel Taylor was presented with gifts from the cadets at both locations as well as a bouquet of flowers for his wife Helen. He took time to speak to the cadets and let them know that he will continue to give support where possible in a non-uniformed role.