Shetland cadets raise £200 for charity

April 21, 2023

1st Battalion The Highlanders ACF cadets from Shetland completed seven days of training over the Easter period.

During this, training bakes were provided by the cadets for donations to support the Army Cadet Charitable Trust (ACCT).

The fundraiser was organised by Cdt Sgt Danni Crehan and Cdt LBdr Vaila Thompson with support from Cdt LBdr Heather Mowat, Cdt LBdr Kira Irvine, Cdt LBdr Kyren Wishart and Cdt Hannah Wishart.

The fundraiser was very successful and saw all the cadets and adults in Shetland exchanging money for tasty treats! A grand total of £198.66 was raised for the ACCT during the week.