September 14, 2015

UKRFA’s Scottish International Military Skills Competition hit the target for employers at Barry Buddon training area.

The event, which was organised by the United Kingdom Reserve Forces Association and delivered by 7 SCOTS, was held from September 10-13 with employers invited to watch teams from the Royal Naval Reserve, Royal Marines Reserve, Army Reserve, Royal Auxiliary Air Force and NATO and Commonwealth countries.

The event was designed to foster relationships and promote co-operation between UK tri-service Reserve units and those of a similar status from other countries, in the development of military experience and skills, so as to better enable education and learning.

HRFCA took a group of employers around various stands manned by Scottish Reserve units where they were able to watch vehicle recovery, casualty drills, a recognition test and a search task.

A particular highlight was a trip to the stand where Reservists’ skills with the Glock 17 pistol were tested in an environment simulating close quarter battle (CQB). Their skills were clear to see in the targets which were peppered with hits to the torso and head. This was made all the more impressive given the testing weather conditions of unremitting heavy rain. Employers were also able to handle the weapons once empted of ammunition and rendered completely safe.

During a break in the action the employers were given the chance to dry out and enjoyed a delicious curry lunch before visiting further stands.

The event was an excellent demonstration to employers of the multitude of skills Reservists can take into their civilian life including leadership, self-confidence and the ability to perform well under pressure and showed that these are as useful in the workplace as they are in the field.

Competition results:

Overall champions, patrol competition & shoots: Team 11 – 6 SCOTS C Coy (L/Cpl Ferguson).

SA80 LF Shoot: 1st: Team 4 – 7 SCOTS A Coy (Lt Thornton); 2nd: Team 5 – 217 sqn 150 Regt RLC (Sgt Hanson).

Pistol Shoot: 1st: Team 5 – 217 sqn 150 Regt RLC (Sgt Hanson); 2nd: Team 8 – 7 SCOTS C Coy (Cpl Harper).

Best shot, junior ranks: Pte Pretherd, 217 sqn, 150 Regt RLC (team 5).

Best shot, officers and senior ranks: Capt Valentine, 7 SCOTS A coy (team 4).

Military Skills: 1st: Team 9 – 106 Bn REME (Cpl Reed); 2nd: Team 11 – 6 SCOTS C Coy (L/Cpl Ferguson).

Assault Course: 1st: Team 4 – 7 SCOTS A Coy (Lt Thornton); 2nd: Team 12 – 7 SCOTS D coy (Cpl Hartland).

Highland Games (caber tossing, shot put, tractor tyre flipping, sprint, gun run): 1st: Team 4 – 7 SCOTS A Coy (Lt Thornton); 2nd: Team 9– 106 Bn REME (Cpl Reed).

Individual medals: Cpl Holden, Pte Foxcroft, Cpl Reed, Pte Marshall, L/Cpl Longmuir.

Best Stand: Scottish and Northern Irish Yeomanry.


Reservists explain one of the stands to employers.


An excellent lunch was enjoyed by all!


Casualty recovery was hard work as the stretchers got heavier and heavier as they became sodden.


Simulated IEDs were placed at the side of the road during the vehicle recovery task.


It was a tough morning for one of the targets used for CQB training on the range.


A Reservist manages a smile during the vehicle recovery task.