August 6, 2015

The Cadets after the commissioning parade, from left, 2Lt Laura Pugh, 2Lt Eliot Honeyman, 2Lt Alice Sparks, 2Lt Lucy Upton, 2Lt Rory Hand and 2Lt James Wilson.

Six Tayforth UOTC Officer Cadets have been commissioned into the Army Reserve. 

The Cadets ­– who study at universities in Dundee, Stirling and St Andrews – attended the Army Reserve Commissioning Course at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

The success represents a huge achievement for Tayforth as there were only 85 personnel on the course from the whole of the UK.

One of the Cadets was 21-year-old 2nd Lt Lucy Upton from Kirriemuir. Lucy, who will soon be starting the fourth-year of her law degree at the University of Abertay Dundee, had previously spent four years with The Black Watch detachment of Angus and Dundee Battalion ACF before joining the OTC at university in 2012.


Lucy Upton

Lucy said she had really enjoyed her time with The Black Watch and got a lot out of it.

She added: “It certainly brought me out of myself, giving me self-confidence. When I joined I was a bit shy and timid but you meet so many new people and do new things that it’s great for your confidence.”

Of the course at Sandhurst, she explained that was able to join halfway through spending four weeks at the military academy.

She added: “It was a good challenge, but really tiring! Coming in halfway through was tough. I learned a lot and met lots of great people. Sandhurst is a world-renowned military academy so going there was a little intimidating, but it was a nice place to be in a beautiful setting and once I got into the swing of things I really enjoyed it.”

Lucy is planning to be in the Army Reserve involved in transport or logistics for her final year at university and possibly for one year after that. Following that she will be  looking for a regular commission, working in either military intelligence or signals.

She added: “The Reserves are changing so much and – with their role expanding – I think it makes it more appealing. After my regular commission I am planning on returning to the Reserves.”