May 14, 2015

Highland RFCA staff gathered at their Seathwood HQ in Dundee on 14 May to say goodbye to outgoing Chief Executive Colonel AK Miller.

AK addressed the staff and spoke of the challenges facing the organisation as well as highlighting its many successes during his eight-year tenure.

He said he won’t miss the early flights to London, being squashed onto the Tube, seemingly-interminable meetings, sandwiches and driving 25-30,000 miles a year. What he will miss however is being in the defence loop, visiting the “exotic parts of our patch” and working with the “fantastic” Cadets.

“The Cadet movement plays an important role in gearing young people up for their life ahead,” he added.

Despite stepping away from his busy role as chief executive, AK will maintain his role with the Argyll Cadets as Honorary Colonel.

He said he’ll miss the “great team” at Seathwood and across the HRFCA area and told staff he appreciates their hard work, which he said is in turn greatly appreciated by the community they serve.

AK also paid tribute to his replacement – Brigadier Mark Dodson MBE – telling of his strong connections to Scotland and his great enthusiasm for the job.

AK received gifts and good wishes before manfully forcing over a few more sandwiches from the buffet!

Picture shows Highland RFCA Director of Engagement Dai John (left) sharing a joke with AK.