Taste of military for spirited students

November 29, 2018

First-year nursing students braved wet and windy weather to take part in Exercise Team Spirit at Oliver Barracks in Dundee.

The 27-28 November event was a collaboration between 225 (Scottish) Medical Regiment and the School of Nursing and Health Sciences of Dundee University.

There were eight different military/medical command tasks for the students to tackle.

These tested leadership, teamwork and problem-solving abilities as well as giving an insight into how a reservist is trained both physically and mentally.

Students work together to assemble the tent.

First stop for group one was ‘Tent Fever’. Armed with nothing but their initiative the students were given 25 minutes to put together the medics’ tent.  With no prior instructions and a pile of poles on the floor this tested teamwork and problem-solving under a strict time constraint. Whilst some teams struggled one team managed to do it in a record 7 minutes – almost ten minutes faster than the average Army time!

Other tasks on the day included archery, large scale mine sweep, gun runs and ‘toxic swamp’ – using materials around you to build a bridge over the fatal toxic swamp – all tasks needed a touch of imagination.

Avoiding the ‘toxic’ swamp.

On completion of the eight tasks the scores were added up and the winners announced.

Students commented on how being put in a team with people outside their normal peer group encouraged them to communicate more and widen their trust circle.

The day ended with Commanding Officer  Lt Col Sarah Lambirth thanking her team at 225 (Scottish) Med Regt  for all their hard work and the students

Lt Col Sarah Lambirth congratulates everyone on their efforts.

for being brave enough to volunteer to take part. Her speech inspired those to keep working hard to achieve their goals.

The exercise was a great success and provided an insight into what it takes to be a reservist and the value the skills and raining can add to any vocation.