Tastebuds take a trip around the world

March 29, 2023

Dundee International Women’s Centre held a ‘The World Meets in Stobswell’ event on March 18 with a theme of healthy eating and wellbeing.

The families who attended the centre in the Stobswell area of the city had all decorated stands with information about their own countries and the tables were laden with delicacies for everyone to try.

The event was very well attended.

Cadets from Angus and Dundee Battalion ACF also attended, equipped with ration packs and demonstrations of how they cook and eat when out in the field.

Company Commander for Arras and Cambrai Companies of the Battalion, Major Sarah High, was delighted to give an interview to centre manager Susan A’Brook while her cadets enthusiastically worked their way round the food world, sampling as they went.

A visitor to the cadet stand with Angus and Dundee Battalion cadets and Major Sarah High (right) and Major Chloe Tisshaw, representing 225 (Scottish) Medical Regiment.

Given the amount everyone had to eat, it was a good job 225 (Scottish) Medical Regiment were also in attendance with their field ambulance, and information packs on how to maintain a healthy diet!

The event was part of the wider Dundee Women’s Festival and was extremely well attended by dozens of families from the local area.

Cadets Eve Smith (left) and Kerris Drapajlo.

Head of Engagement Michelle McKearnon attended the event for Highland RFCA and said: “It was lovely to see cadets being part of such a vibrant, multicultural event. Cadets are welcoming to youngsters from all backgrounds and, in fact, one of the cadets attending today is of Ukrainian heritage, and she enjoyed meeting some of the Ukrainian ladies at their stand.

“It was a great day with a lot of happy faces – and full stomachs!”