Top appointment for Inverness cadet

September 19, 2018

An Army Cadet from Inverness has been promoted to the highest ranking cadet of the unit. 

Euan Stewart (17), from 1st Battalion the Highlanders’ Inverness Detachment, has been appointed the Battalion’s new Cadet Regimental Sergeant Major.

RSM Stewart joined the cadets in August 2013 and has achieved a great deal during his time with the Battalion. Euan has climbed through both the ranks and the cadet syllabus and completed his Master Cadet – the highest a cadet can reach – in July this year.

On top of his cadet achievements Euan has also had the honour of being the Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet of Inverness-shire, which saw him assisting Her Majesty the Queen’s appointed representative of the area in his duties.

Euan is also an excellent shot and has represented the Battalion on several occasions in both regional and national competitions, including the Inter-Service Cadet Rifle Meeting at Bisley Ranges in Surrey – where in 2017 he won the Battalion’s first-ever trophy at the competition by coming 1st in the Patriotic 500 Competition.

RSM Stewart was promoted to his new position last Saturday at Fort George, while taking part in training for the upcoming Scottish Cadet Military Skills Competition where he has been named as the team Section Commander.

Cadet RSM is the highest rank a cadet can reach, with each Battalion only having one cadet holding the rank at any one time. As Cadet Regimental Sergeant Major Euan will lead the Battalion at local civic engagements.