Travis steps up in cadet training

Cadet receiving certificate

An Army Cadet from the Forres area has seen their recent hard work in cadet training rewarded.

Cadet Travis Bremner (13), from 1st Battalion the Highlander’s Forres Detachment, was presented with his Basic Army Cadet Syllabus Certificate on 9 May, progressing now onto the next level of his cadet training.

During a cadet’s time with the ACF they follow a training syllabus which is split into five different levels covering Basic to 4 Star. Each level gets more challenging as you progress. Each training level teaches cadets the same twelve subjects, ranging from Shooting and Fieldcraft to Community Engagement and Sport.

The Army Cadet Syllabus plays a vital role in the Cadet Experience, which strives to prepare the young people who join the cadets for success that lasts a lifetime.

Cdt Bremner (pictured) was presented with his certificate and badge by Forres Detachment Commander Staff Sergeant Leonard Cowieson in front of the cadets of Forres Detachment.

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