Women’s centre visit a success

November 3, 2021

Highland RFCA and Dundee & Angus Battalion Army Cadet Force visited Dundee International Women’s Centre (DIWC) on October 28.

DIWC seeks to engage, educate and empower women from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds, helping individuals to achieve their personal goals. They often work in partnership with many organisations to promote the personal development of women.

We met with a group of local women to discuss the benefits of the Service Cadets for young people and their communities. We had open conversations about young people needing and wanting to build up their confidence, learn more leadership skills, and meet new friends to improve their social life.

HRFCA Head of Engagement Michelle McKearnon at DIWC.

The group consisted of locals from around Dundee, most of whom either have previously volunteered at DIWC or do so presently. These women give back to their community, supporting one another.

Company Commander for Arras and Cambrai Companies Dundee & Angus Battalion, Major Sarah High, joined us to help give some insight into the Service Cadets. She answered numerous questions about the Army Cadet Force, Royal Air Force Air Cadets, Sea Cadet Corps and Combined Cadet Forces. She emphasised the positive and motivating impacts on cadets as well as the varying interests and opportunities available.

Maj Sarah High with HRFCA mascot Sgt Maj George.

Sarah highlighted the benefits of becoming a cadet: team work, self-discipline, leadership skills, confidence building, gaining CV qualifications and communication skills. She also mentioned the core values: discipline, respect, confidence, skills and fun. The attendees learned how joining as a cadet can open many doors for young people in the future.

Maj Sarah High (centre) with two of the attendees at DIWC.

The aim of the meeting was to reach the wider communities in order to inform them of the opportunities and benefits of their children joining the Service Cadets. We addressed questions about embracing and supporting people from different backgrounds and cultural differences, confirming the diverse and inclusive nature of the cadets.

For example, we reassured the group that wearing headdress is accepted and that there are Halal ration pack options. We also debunked myths such as the misconception that the cadets are used as a recruitment tool for the Army.

The women were enthusiastic to learn more, get involved and spread the word in their communities. Aside from the mothers in the group learning about opportunities for their children, some were also interested in potentially applying to be Cadet Force Adult Volunteers (CFAVs).

Sgt Maj George brought gift bags for the attendees.

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