Maritime Reserves


The Royal Naval Reserve (RNR) is an integral part of Britain’s naval forces, comprising a corps of some 3,250 personnel who train in peacetime to enable the Royal Navy to meet its operational commitments in times of stretch, crisis, tension and war.

In recent years Royal Naval Reservists have become increasingly integrated into naval operations as well as into coalition and national joint operations, with many having received medals for overseas service in recent years. Although some 25% of RNR personnel have previously served in the Royal Navy, the majority are volunteers drawn from all walks of life, together with a small number of qualified Merchant Navy deck officers, civilian medical practitioners and nurses.

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The Royal Marines Reserve (RMR) provides the Royal Navy with a Commando-trained General Reserve, volunteers who have all passed the same rigorous tests of their mental and physical abilities as their Regular counterparts to earn the coveted Green Beret.

The RMR recruits people from varied backgrounds and with no previous military experience, as well as former Royal Marines and Regular soldiers and those who have transferred from the Army Reserve.

Currently there are about 600 Royal Marines Reservists who combine their civilian day jobs with serving part-time as fully-trained Commandos, having successfully completed the same Commando course as the Regulars. This enables Reservists to work alongside their Regular colleagues, as proven by the fact that roughly 10% of the RMR are currently serving on long-term attachments in Regular Royal Marines units.

Royal Marines Reservists continue to develop their core skills in the form of live firing and tactical exercises in the UK and overseas while weekday training may also encompass sports, abseiling and unarmed combat.

The RMR in Highland RFCA’s area comprises Detachments in Aberdeen and Dundee who train weekly and, together with other RMR Scotland Detachments, conduct monthly weekend training.

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