About The Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Association

With its Headquarters in Dundee, Highland Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Association (Highland RFCA) is one of 13 autonomous Tri-Service bodies, established as Crown Agencies by Act of Parliament to support the Reserve Forces and Cadets in the Scottish Highlands and Islands.

In common with its sister RFCAs, Highland RFCA sits outwith the military chain of command and operates independently in support of the Reserve Forces and Cadet Youth Organisations.

In doing do, it provides advice and assistance to the Defence Council and the three Services on all Volunteer Reserve and Cadet matters within its region.

In the case of Highland RFCA its geographical area covers approximately one quarter of the landmass of the United Kingdom, extending north from the Forth-Clyde valley to encompass the whole of the Scottish Highlands and Islands.

The wide dispersal of Reserve Forces and Cadet Units across its region offers Highland RFCA both significant challenges and unique opportunities. The remainder of Scotland, including Glasgow and Edinburgh south to the English border, is covered by Lowland RFCA.

The specific responsibilities of Highland RFCA are to:

  • Foster and maintain community support for our Armed Forces, with particular focus on the Reserve Forces in its region.
  • Provide support to the Cadet Organisations, seeking opportunities to engage in the development of wider youth opportunities.
  • Advise on and Support Reserve Recruitment Activities, specifically in respect of the Army Reserve (formerly the Territorial Army) and recruitment of Adult Officers and Instructors for the Army Cadet Force, and supporting the recruitment of Reservists for the Royal Naval Reserve, the Royal Marine Reserve and the Royal Auxiliary Air Force.  
  • Actively provide Employer Support, enhancing employers’ awareness of the Reserve Forces within its region, providing opportunities for employers to engage with, and increase their understanding of, the Reserves.
  • Undertake Estate and Facilities Management and development of the Volunteer Estate throughout the Highland RFCA region, seeking commercial opportunities to provide quality, sustainable infrastructure.
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